• Exploration

Our services include helping the client figure out the best possible prospects to explore and methodology to enhance their potentials. Also, we provide a roadmap for their future actions that can be executed.

  • Reservoir Simulation and Field Development

Reservoir Simulation studies carried out by our team will ensure a proper and most

efficient way to conduct their operations with minimal effort and maximum profit. The

experts will help the company to understand every possible means and strategies to

maximize their outcome. Ultimately, we will also recommend the most efficient plan to


  • Welltest Interpretation

Our highly trained and experienced well testing experts provide site-by-site consulting, which will help the client to act safely, and effectively solve any problems. The test data interpretation will be crucial to comprehensively understand the downhole conditions and other attributes of the formation.

  • Well Monitoring and Modeling

Based on the production data, we can identify when it has gone offline, and we will characterize the reservoir. This will help in understanding the wellbore damage and suggesting the proactive measures to intervene, when this damage will lead to problems.

  • Well Log Interpretations

Well log interpretation services will give a thorough understanding of lithology, and intricacies of formation. Also, the complete package will provide insight about the formation and subsurface conditions, specifically aimed at detection and evaluation of productive avenues.

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery

Our EOR experts will evaluate all the possible primary, secondary, and tertiary methods for the reservoir formation and will suggest the best suited methods and procedures needed to be followed. If the field will be evaluated at the beginning of production set-up, we will provide you a complete package of the production strategy which will give the most optimized way to explore the fields.

  • E&P Economics and Contracts

Based on our expert knowledge, we will provide the consulting services for E&P economics, international legislation, and contracts. The economic studies will support the investment decision-making process. We will help you in revision and drafting of contracts, selection of fiscal and economic packages, negotiation, implementation and follow-up of contracts.

  • Reserves Audit and Evaluation

TAC multi-disciplinary team of experts will your reserve estimates. We will provide all technical and commercial aspects of the reserves and resources within the audit.

  • Unconventional Resources

Our exceptional expertise and domain experience will provide subsurface insight to maximize the recovery of the complex hydrocarbons. Our well planning will help in identifying the most optimized process which will be combination of stimulation, fracturing, reservoir simulation, and well placement.

  • Completion Design and Production Optimization

TAC team of production and completion experts can help you exploiting the most suitable technical solution for comprehensive and cost-effective completion design and well optimization.

  • HSEQ

As the petroleum industry is getting more vulnerable to different government and industry compliances with their pursuit of hydrocarbons in complex zones, it is important to maintain the best possible standard. Our HSEQ services are committed to ensure the maintenance of highest standard in Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality.

  • Piping and Platform Structure

Our team of mechanical and structural experts can offer advice on complex technical issues on upstream assets. We will help you configure the most proficient system for drilling, exploration, production and transportation.