About Us

  • Tunisian American Oil & Gas Institute is a private institution placed under the authority of the Ministry of labor and professional trainings under the registrations number 6130616.
  • Tunisian American Oil & Gas Institute provides original and applied course contents, tailored to the needs of Petroleum activities and a wide range of technical training courses for a large public, from the manager to the operator in oil and gas field.
  • Tunisian American Oil & Gas Institute instructors are rated among the best experienced and highly-qualified professionals who have made significant contributions to their fields.
  • Tunisian American Oil & Gas Institute has an advisory committee located in the USA  responsible for providing the adequate scientific and educational expertise required for setting up rigorous training programs, selecting qualified instructors, monitoring classes and approving the standards and conditions for graduation.
  • Tunisian American Oil & Gas Institute provides students and young professionals from across the world with post graduated Training in the Oil and Gas Industries.
  • Tunisian American Oil & Gas Institute meets industry needs and society’s demands, particularly in terms of innovation and sustainable development and prepares  students to be key players in the energy transition of the 21st century.
  • Tunisian American Oil and Gas Institute ensures professional success by providing multi-discipline professional training and offering international exposure.
  • Tunisia Training Centers(Sfax)
  • Avenue 5 Aout Sfax, Tunisia


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